07 June 2017

John Duncan... Riders of the Sidhe

Riders of the Sidhe, by John Duncan 1911
An illustration of the Tuatha Dé Danann by Scottish artist John Duncan.  Duncan was born in 1866 in the Hilltown area of Dundee.  He submitted his first art work to a local magazine The Wizard of the North at the age of 15.  From 1887-88 he worked in London as a commercial artist.  After spending time on the Continent to study art he returned to Dundee in 1889.     

In 1892 Duncan moved to Edinburgh to work with urbanist Patrick Geddes and he became part of the Celtic Revival movement.  Duncan was the principal artist of Geddes' seasonal magazine The Evergreen.  In 1897 Duncan returned to Dundee to exhibit Celtic and symbolist paintings at the Graphic Arts Association and the Royal Scottish Academy.  He travelled to America to teach at the Chicago Institute for a short time, before returning to Scotland to stay.  He passed away in 1945.  

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